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Reviewed by Literary Titan

I Made A Place For You by Damian White is a book of eloquent poetry that includes more than twenty short poems, with illustrations by Francesco Orazzini. Many of the poems have a religious theme, focusing on God, heaven, or the devil, including God’s Typewriter, Sacred Math, Devil Bait, A Sinner’s Plea, and Playing God. Other themes include death, deception and hiding your true self, and faith and fate. This is the author’s first published book of poetry and many of the poems were inspired by his personal experiences with homelessness.I enjoyed reading this book of poetry and the author left me wanting more. The author’s words invoke vivid and interesting imagery, and I liked the variation of structure and style between the different poems. It’s always interesting to me to have a glimpse into the world from someone else’s unique perspective. 

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

I Made A Place For You is the debut poetry collection by Damian White. Drawing inspiration from the struggles of his own life, Damian pens some hauntingly striking poems that leave a mark on your soul. These poems touch upon a wide array of topics related to the human condition. They include spirituality, religion, self-awareness, endurance, and depression. Apart from the poems themselves, the complementary artwork drawn by visual artist and illustrator Francesco Orazzini adds another layer of beauty to the pages that makes Damian's verse all the more enthralling to the reader. Each poem differs in structure, subject matter, and sometimes even style, yet tackles some universal themes about the human condition that people from any background can connect with.

I Made A Place For You_Front Cover.jpg
I Made A Place For You_Front Cover.jpg
Reviewed by Diane Donovan for Midwest Book Review

I Made a Place for You is a poetry collection that resides firmly in a sense of place, embracing readers with an invitation to explore psychic and physical connections to the world.

Its free verse is emotionally charged with powerful description and metaphor from the start: "We abracadabra our flaws/into a mausoleum of deceit/for a semblance of redemption/in shelling our leprosy aside."

Damian White's inspections of these places which reside betwixt nature and the follies of man create intersections of faith, fate, and freedom that move from earthly to celestial inspection and from outer to inner worlds.



Literary Titan Gold Book Awards November 2022

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