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I Made A Place For You By Damian White


by Damian White

I Made A Place For You
Damian White

I Made A Place for You

Written by Damian White / Illustrated by Francesco Orazzini


What if I told you the golden rule of speech is to speak when spoken through?


This poetry collection explores a number of themes, ranging from spirituality and religion to perseverance and humility. The poems in Damian White’s debut book dwell less in the realm of imagistic and narrative impulses and more so strive for a “higher order statement.”


In I Made A Place For You, we experience the turmoil unearthed from daring to make a place for our inmost curiosities.

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Reviewed by Ellyinnairobi

I Made Place For You is Damien White’s debut poetry book. This short compilation of poems speaks on spirituality, inner thoughts, and their power on our souls. Each poem is matched to a colorful, thought-evoking illustration done by Francesco Orazzini.


Reviewed by Literary Titan

I Made A Place For You is a collection of poetry that explores spirituality, religion, perseverance, and humility and strives for a higher order statement. What inspires you to write poetry?

Reviewed by Bethany Reid

The first time through this poem I thought “sacral” was an error, but right after we get “resurrect the spine” and suddenly it’s all wordplay. The poet raises the old question (how do we tell the dancer from the dance?) but embeds it in the language arts. Poem or poet, more written than writer. We shape our writing, and writing shapes us. 

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